IDC80 / IDC170 /IDK50 / IMC125 / LXK50
PSK FormatProximity Card & Key Tag


• ISO Credit Card Size and Thickness (IDC80)
• User format available
• 125KHz / Passive Type
• Combination available with Magnetic Stripe (IDC80)
• Printing Company Logo with Graphic (IDC80 Front & Rear)
• Key Tag (IDK50 / LXK50) & Key Holder (LXK50)
• MiniProx Sticker Tag (IMC125)
• Easy to attach on Personal Belongings using IMC125
(MS / Barcode Card, Wallet, PDA, Cell Phone)
• PRG1000 Proximity Card Programmer:
Device for writing user’s unique format into Proximity Card
• Red color LED Indicators (LXK50)
• Options: Magnetic Stripe (High Coercivity – IDC80)